Saturday, February 28, 2009


Welcome to Craig Timberg's personal blog. Here you will find links to my favorite stories that I've written for the Washington Post, about wars, famines, and dictatorships, as well as rock bands, gold pirates, guys who blow up ATM machines and a Nigerian who built a concrete 737 on the roof of his house. But my work these days is focused on the AIDS epidemic in Africa, which by my reckoning is going disastrously despite the world's unprecedented financial and political commitments to the problem. I'm on leave from the Post for a year while I write, along with my co-author Daniel Halperin, "Dr. Livingstone's Children: Why We Are Losing the War on AIDS, and How to Win."
Daniel is an epidemiologist and medical anthropologist, as well as a veteran of the political battles over AIDS, within the Bush Administration and more recently on a world stage as an oft-quoted expert from the Harvard AIDS Prevention Research Project. (
I'll use this space to update everybody on our work, and I'll sprinkle in some interesting issues and discoveries along the way. Please keep reading. AIDS already has been around for a century. But we've probably never been closer to figuring out how to bring it under control.

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