Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too Scary for Words

I wish I hadn't read this piece from Martin Wolf at the Financial Times: http://tinyurl.com/cmrlma. The implications for Africa and the fight against AIDS are profound. The idea that the West (or China, or Bill Gates) is going to swoop in and save the continent, or put tens of millions of people on life-long drug regimens, seems even less plausible today than it was a year ago. We must enter an era that prizes approaches derived from Africa, and that spends money as wisely, frugally and effectively as possible. One lesson of the past year: The money pit is not bottomless. Solutions must be sustainable.


  1. too scary for words is right! thanks for the post! i'm amazed by how few and far between are articles that comprehensively identify what has happened- and have the balls to admit the future is foggy to say the least. this was a really good one! Q- do you think depression 2.0 will spawn socialism 2.0, as the author seems to suggest? can it really be said that china is "flourishing" with millions of newly displaced migrant workers? -andrew c.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed, or at least appreciated, that. Those are great questions but I don't have great answers. I'm not yet (entirely) convinced we're in a new Great Depression, but I'm as flummoxed as anyone by what has happened already...

  3. gotcha- im not convinced of that either (i'll give it a few more overwhelming economic indicators before I fully make up my mind) - i really did love the article- thanks again for throwing it on the radar