Sunday, April 19, 2009

Canadians vs Somali Pirates: Who's Winning?

Hard to tell really. If you watch this video that a Canadian Navy public affairs team posted after a pirate encounter couple of weeks ago, you'll see Canadians with big guns and silly hats bravely capture Somali pirates, disarm them and make them walk the plank.

No, no, sorry. They don't walk the plank. They go free. The Canadians don't even confiscate the skiffs the pirates are using to terrorize international shipping. The Canadian Navy did much the same thing after an attack today.

No doubt there is some good reason for all this pirate coddling. But it's hard to fathom what it might be. Even Johnny Depp got spent a little time in jail when British naval authorities caught up with him at various places in the Caribbean, or was that Disney World? The Somalis, on the other hand, are free to keep it up until, apparently, they make the mistake of taking a handsome American captain hostage. All I can say is "Argh!"


  1. I think this pirates are making things pretty hard for everybody.It's really surprising that these 'tiny' flings are getting so much attention as a result of their reckless activities while the rest of the world looks on.Again, it's important to recognise that these pirates are about their elements because they have no proper jobs while their country lies in ruins. But who is responsible for the mess?

  2. Yeah, how come most pirates are given provisions and let go? I want to be a pirate!

    - Steve

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