Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dugger Nails It

I've been a bad, bad blogger since I took over the job as Education Editor at The Washington Post a few months ago. That makes feel me a bit sheepish about trying to pick up my game now. But Celia Dugger's excellent piece in the New York Times yesterday inspired me to dive back in. Here it is.
This picks up on themes my co-author Daniel Halperin has been pushing for years, including in a Times op-ed piece in 2008 pointing out the vast and growing inequities in global health assistance by big donors.
All of us who care passionately about the AIDS epidemic have to grapple with these issues. If the goal is letting people live longer, better lives, how best can we array the available resources while also pushing for more resources overall?


  1. scott,
    read your LAT piece today here in Taiwan at the local email cafe print out machine, since the LA TIMES snailpaper does not arrive here at all. Great story, well done. You said the movie of the Road is "as good as can be imagined". what does that mean? I read the boook last year sitting outside at a sidewalk noodle shop in south Taiwan and i could not put book down, read all the way through several bowls of lamen, that's ramen to you. I loved the book. powerful. I am a climate activist, planning POLAR CITIES for future survivors of AGW in 2500 or so, so ROAD hit me hard. How does the movie stand up to the book? Does it make you want to go out and fight global warming or give up? Does in inspire you or grieve you? The book made me want to fight global warming future. Will the movie do the same? email me off line or here at danbloom in the gmail office

  2. craig, by the way, as education editor, do uyou ever do stories on how reading on paper is very differnetl in terms of MRI scans from reading on screens? i have a huge blog on all this.

    danbloom at gmail

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  5. how best can we array the available resources while also pushing for more resources overall?